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My Spouse Just Asked for a Divorce - Now What?
Charlotte family law attorney Greg Hatcher shares advice on the first steps to take after your spouse asks for a divorce.
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Coping with the Change that Comes with Divorce
If divorce may be looming somewhere in your present or future, it is time to seek the counsel of a divorce attorney so you know your rights and are educated on your options. A family law attorney will help you determine how best to proceed in your specific situation.  What I mean is, talk to a lawyer before you tell your spouse or significant other you want to part ways, before you move out, before you sign anything.  This may seem very foreign to you.  It may even feel dishonest.  But it’s act...
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Filing Taxes After A Divorce
If going through a separation and/or divorce, this tax season may be of more interest to you than it has in previous years. Whether you are separated or divorced, there are several things to consider when determining how to file, what to claim, and which tax deductions may be available to you. If you are filing for the first time without your former spouse, working with an accountant to discuss your options may be beneficial.
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Love, Loot & Law
Valentine's Day has evolved into a consumer-driven holiday filled with sweet surprises of all flavors. While couples may be comfortable discussing their Valentine's Day spending, research shows they are not sharing other spending habits.
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New Tax Bill Affects Your Alimony Deduction
The recently passed tax reform bill eliminates the current tax deductions for individuals who pay alimony. This legislation eliminates the deduction effective January 1, 2019, meaning the deduction will not apply to separation agreements and alimony orders entered after 2018.
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