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Loose Lips Sink Ships

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J. Gregory Hatcher | Divorce Attorney


It is human nature to be mad when a relationship ends. It is also natural to want to hurt the person who has hurt you. Unfortunately, in today’s media age, anger manifests itself through things like text messages and emails. Those emails and text messages where one person attempts to hurt the other for ending the relationship or causing emotional harm, many times come back to hurt the party in a lawsuit.

It is very important for someone engaged in a domestic litigation case to remember that things sent via email really never die. Facebook posts, blog entries, emails and texts are often used as court exhibits to demonstrate a party’s imbalance or emotional problems.

What you may think is simply a late night rant against the other party to hurt that person, will come back months or even years later as an exhibit. It is not unheard of that one party will set up another for an argument in order to record the exchange.

In a recent case, a husband engaged in conversations which led to an argument with his wife. He was recording the conversation while his wife explained in no uncertain terms why he was the worst husband in the world. She used curse words and profanity to demonstrate her disfavor with his actions as a husband. Although she may have felt good about the things she said to him at that time, unfortunately, the rant came back to hurt her in court. Her husband used that recording to his advantage over and over again to attempt to convince the court that his wife had an anger management issue.

It is always important to think before we speak. More importantly, it is crucial to think before we email, text, or Facebook about someone in our lives. The more you do to help yourself, the more you are helping your lawyer as he/she tries to assist you with your case.


Greg Hatcher is a highly experienced divorce attorney in Charlotte, NC and has practiced exclusively in family law for more than 17 years. He represents clients in domestic violence, child custody and child support, alienation of affection and other family law related cases. A Board Certified Specialist in Family Law, Mr. Hatcher has been named to the North Carolina Super Lawyers list since 2010 and also recognized among the state’s “Legal Elite” by Business North Carolina magazine.

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