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Mediation Means Compromise

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Christine Melvin | Divorce Attorney


Mediation can be a great way to settle your case if both parties are able to compromise. When you go to mediation, it is important to understand your worst case scenario and be ready to settle somewhere between that and your best possible outcome. If one of the parties has completely unrealistic goals, mediation will be a waste of everyone’s time. A family law attorney can analyze your case and give you general insight as to the best, worst, and likely outcome of your divorce, child custody or other domestic related case.

The difficulty is placing a value on closure. This aspect can be particularly difficult to value if your spouse is fueled by drama and attention received from playing the victim. In those cases, it appears no matter how much you sway from your position, you will not be able to settle. It is important to have a family law attorney represent your best interest because your case most likely will not be complete until that party receives a ruling from a judge. 


Chrissy Melvin represents clients in family law litigation and mediation matters including divorce, domestic violence and child custody and support. She also handles property and relationship agreements for same-sex or unmarried couples as well as parenting agreements for people in alternative family arrangements.   

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