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3 Ways to Give Back with Your Kids this Holiday Season

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3 Ways to Give Back with Your Kids this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season of giving, and who better to share the joys of giving with than your kids?  One way to spread the holiday spirit is by giving back in your local community. Luckily for those who live in the Charlotte area, there are so many opportunities to do just that. Whether you’re going through tough times following a recent divorce, or you’re simply looking to create a new holiday tradition, look no further.   Here are a few kid friendly opportunities in the Charlotte area that will help teach your children the true meaning of spreading the holiday spirit by giving back:


Mel’s Diner

St. Matthews Catholic Church is responsible for this great charity, whose mission is to provide food and other essentials to people in need at least five times each week. Mel’s Diner picks up leftover food that would otherwise go bad and red they also allow you to cook and prepare meals at home for them to pick up and they will give to the needy. This charity allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home cooking for a cause.

Learn More About Mel’s Diner 


Hope Match

HopeMatch is a local charity serving the Charlotte area, with a mission to provide hope by matching local needs with compassionate givers. What began as a Christmas program to deliver Christmas trees to families who don’t have the means to buy one, has grown into a year-round charity providing financial and volunteer support to families in need. This charity goes even further and matches families who want to give with families who are in need.

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Family Volunteer Projects

Hands On Charlotte has countless opportunities for you and your kids to volunteer together as a team. Check the Hands On Charlotte Volunteer Opportunity Calendar for an updated list of opportunities in your area each week. You’ll find everything from helping out at senior bingo night to community cleanup in a nearby park—there are even a few opportunities for you and your kids to bring one of your pets along.

Learn More About Family Volunteer Projects


There are countless opportunities to give back with your family by your side this holiday season. Take some time to research a cause you’d like to support and make the commitment to get involved. There’s no better time to start creating new family traditions! Happy holidays!

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