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Safety Series Part Two: Taking Safety Seriously

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Courtney H. Smith | Charlotte, N.C. Family Law Attorney

As a family law attorney, I have come to notice a disconcerting trend among victims of domestic violence. Most people I meet with, whether male or female, tend to minimize the seriousness of the abuse. While describing such harrowing situations, often people express little or no emotion because the details they share are part of what they know to be their day-to-day life. Frequently, I learn that victims have not told anyone the entire truth until speaking with me. Once they finally say all of it out loud, they begin to see that there is a troubling pattern and the seriousness has only escalated. There is no valid reason why someone you love should ever hurt or frighten you. This point cannot be emphasized enough. Regardless of the context, no one should ever treat you that way. There are resources available to help.

  • Instructions on how to file for a domestic violence protective order on your own are available online here. You can access all of the forms referenced in the instructions here.
  • Safe Alliance can assist you in preparing all of the paperwork needed to file for a domestic violence protective order on your own and will accompany you to court to support you. In some cases, they can pair you up with a volunteer attorney who will represent you on a pro bono basis at the hearing.
  • The Clyde & Ethel Dickson Domestic Violence Shelter is open 24/7 and offers a secure place for individuals and parents with children to stay.
  • Mecklenburg County’s Community Support Services Prevention and Intervention Services offers various programs for victims, children, and perpetrators.
  • The Salvation Army Center of Hope provides shelter/housing to people who are at imminent risk.

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