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Tips for Celebrating Mother's Day After a Divorce or Separation

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Tips for Celebrating Mother's Day After a Divorce or Separation

Amanda Wright | Charlotte, N.C. Family Law Attorney

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  As a child raised by a single Mom, Mother’s day was an especially important day to celebrate all the sacrifices and extra love and sleepless nights that went into raising my sister and me. For many families and children, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day alike can be tough to navigate. Two key reminders can help the day go smoother.

First, make sure that you comply with the provision in your custody order or separation agreement regarding custodial time on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a common provision addressed in custody orders and separation agreements. If parties are able to come to an out of court agreement they have the ability to tailor custodial time on Holidays, including Mother’s Day to their liking. Most Mother’s Day provisions mirror Father’s Day provisions with the celebrated parent having custodial time for some period of time on that day. It is important to review what is in your agreement or order and that you follow what is provided.  Failure to do so could result in the other parent filing a Motion for Contempt (i.e. failure to comply with the Order) or a Breach of Contract claim (i.e. failure to comply with the Separation Agreement).

Another very important thing to remember this Mother’s day is it is a special time for children to create memories with their parent. Despite any hard feelings you may have towards the other parent it is important for the child(ren) to be able to freely celebrate the other parent without feeling guilty or stressed about spending time with mom. So, no matter how hard it may be for you to ensure your child has a gift or a home-made card for Mom  your child will remember and know that you are supporting their relationship and that is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

Amanda Wright is a family law attorney with Hatcher Law Group. In addition to divorce and child custody matters, she assists clients with child support, property distribution and other domestic related issues. 

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