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Dealing with Accusatory Communications from your Co-Parent

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Dealing with Accusatory Communications from your Co-Parent

Courtney H. Smith | Charlotte, N.C. Family Law Attorney

Last week I attended a great continuing legal education seminar entitled “Managing High Conflict People: Advanced Skills for Family Law Professionals” presented by Bill Eddy.  It was very informative, especially regarding productive ways for people who are going through divorce to communicate with a high conflict partner.

It is not uncommon that my clients forward emails from his or her co-parent to me and ask for advice about how to respond. Often, the emails are accusatory and combative in nature. When this happens, things quickly become unproductive. Take Bill’s advice and send a “BIFF” response.  BIFF stands for brief, informative, friendly, and firm.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in throwing accusations back and forth, which could later be used as evidence against you. As co-parents, you and your former partner must be able to communicate effectively for the benefit of your child and you cannot do that if you are bickering back and forth by email. 

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