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Meet the Attorney: Amanda Wright

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Meet the Attorney: Amanda Wright

Learn more about Hatcher Law Group’s Attorneys when they are out of the office or the courtroom. Our featured Attorney is Amanda Wright. Amanda has been part of the Hatcher Law Group team for over two years.

Favorite Sports Team: Washington Redskins and a close second place is, of course, the Carolina Panthers. 

Charity/Non-profit you like to support: Council for Children’s Rights and NAACP

Favorite band/music: Lauryn Hill, Notorious B.I.G., NWA, John Legend, Drake

When you were a child, what did you want your career to be: I wanted to be a judge so that I could be in charge of something. (There is a great story behind this that my Mom loves to tell)

Favorite TV shows: This is Us, Empire, Power, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, SNL

Favorite Food: Ribeye Steak and mashed potatoes

If you could be any animal you would be: a Dolphin because I love the beach and ocean. 

Most impactful moment at Hatcher Law Group so far: Obtaining emergency child custody for our client.  This case was highly contested. We filed the emergency child custody motion because the children’s physical safety was in jeopardy and opposing party had threatened to remove the children from the country. As anyone could imagine this was a parent’s worst nightmare.  Having the opportunity to be able to support our client emotionally, legally and successfully obtain an emergency order to ensure the children’s safety was not only satisfying but humbling. 

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