Hatcher Law Group

About Hatcher Law Group

Hatcher Law Group is a law firm that focuses exclusively on Family Law.  Our lawyers and staff are dedicated to providing our clients with compassionate, informed, and effective assistance.  We strive to create relationships with our clients so that they understand we care about them, not just their case.  Our attorneys are recognized as leaders in their areas of practice, often participating as speakers and organizers of educational seminars for other lawyers and judges.  We combine this legal acumen and leadership with a positive team approach to provide our clients with the highest quality legal representation.

Hatcher Law Group's offices are located in Charlotte and Davidson, North Carolina.  In addition to representing clients in Mecklenburg County, we also practice in the following counties: Cabarrus, Iredell, Union, Gaston and Rowan. 

Our lawyers are highly skilled in the area of laws related to separation and divorce as well as all child-related legal matters.  Just as all marriages are not the same, all lawyers and all divorces are not the same.   We believe in going the extra mile for our clients and their children.  Our lawyers understand that separation and divorce cause a ripple effect in a family.  The initial shock of the marriage ending with separation leaves husbands and wives searching for answers.  As you worry about your future and how you’re going to support yourself and your children, you quickly realize that each question leads to another.   Will I have to go back to work?  Will the children have to be placed in daycare?  How much child support am I entitled to or am I responsible for paying?  How long will this divorce take?  These are all questions that are asked by everyone who goes through separation and divorce.  Many of these questions are answered by North Carolina’s laws, but the manner in which these laws are interpreted and administered vary from city to city and county to county.  The process followed in Charlotte, North Carolina may be different from that followed in Statesville, Monroe, or Concord, North Carolina.   

Arm yourself with the information on this website about North Carolina’s laws and how they impact you during your divorce as well as your children.  Spend as much time gathering information to prepare yourself for this journey that lies ahead of you.  You and your children deserve it.  We hope that as you review this entire site you understand our commitment to Charlotte and the surrounding area.  We hope you make us your lawyers of choice.  But if not, we hope that you seek the advice of an experienced divorce attorney to help provide you with guidance along your way.